Why VoxDirect is the #1 Grasshopper Alternative

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Discover what makes VoxDirect the #1 Grasshopper alternative communications tool for small businesses.

With today’s ever changing landscape, it’s important to consider cloud phone services as a communication and marketing tool for small businesses. Grasshopper and VoxDirect from VOXOX are leading cloud phone providers for small businesses.

Grasshopper provides a business number and basic phone features for the communication needs of your small business. VoxDirect offers a turn-key, all-in-one voice and text solution that empowers businesses to create deeper connections with their customers through virtual voice, SMS messaging, automation and data analytics.

Both platforms offer a virtual phone system and business number to allow your small business to look and sound more professional. VoxDirect also provides in-depth texting features, done-for-you drip campaigns, and text automation.

This article is going to take an in depth comparison of Grasshopper and VoxDirect so you can make the best choice for your business.

How We Evaluated Grasshopper & VoxDirect

To compare the two cloud-based phone providers, we looked at several different factors so you can see how each one stacks up to make the best decision for your small business.

Specifically, we looked at:

  • Price points and costs
  • Mobile apps
  • Automation and AI
  • Special features
  • Integrations
  • Scalability
  • Customer service
  • Interface
  • Security and compliance


Grasshopper Alternative

While both Grasshopper and VoxDirect offer advanced call features, giving you a business line, virtual receptionists and more, VoxDirect takes it a step further with extensive text messaging features and SMS automation that aligns with the preferences of modern customers. Grasshopper might appear like the more economical choice upfront, but truth be told – it lacks SMS blast texting, drip campaigns, automation, and other key features that can end up costing a ton in the long run. Plus, text and calls aren’t unlimited with Grasshopper, and they do not provide customers with the SMS marketing features needed to boost engagement.

VoxDirect is a 5G-AI powered voice and SMS marketing platform that offers all of the advanced features your business needs to progressively market, communicate authentically with customers, and accelerate growth. It’s a great choice for startups and small businesses who want a simple to use text and voice platform to automate customer friendly SMS marketing campaigns.

Let’s Take a Look at Grasshopper

Here are the facts: Grasshopper offers a cloud-based business phone that you can use on your existing cell phone, without sharing your personal information or phone number. Grasshopper offers a business phone number, limited talk and text time, desktop and mobile apps, and custom greetings.

With Grasshopper, you can move your business communications to the cloud, but with limitations.

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper’s pricing packages are designed based on the size of your business. They have plans ranging from individuals to small businesses. While Grasshopper’s pricing appears competitive at first glance, the features and capabilities are incredibly limited. As SMS marketing continues to grow as a powerful tool to boost customer engagement and scale, choosing a software that doesn’t include SMS automation features can cause you to miss out on a significant amount of potential business. Plus, Grasshopper’s plans do not come with unlimited talk or text, which can make it an expensive choice for overages should your business need more time.

Ease of Use

  • Grasshopper does have a mobile and PC app which is easy to use, although consumers have reported problems with the oversized PC app dialpad and interface, making it difficult to place calls or send texts.
  • The mobile app and desktop app do not sync together automatically, making it difficult for entrepreneurs who are on the go and like being able to access their cloud based phone system from different places.
  • Limited integration with CRM, meaning that you’ll spend more time manually inputting information, which can be time consuming and difficult to use.

Customer Support

Public reviews show that many consumers have switched from Grasshopper because of ineffective customer service.

Consumers have reported having phone problems such as being disconnected, customers not being able to get through, and other important problems but not able to reach customer service. Customers reported difficulty reaching the support team, not hearing back from them for days, or not being able to fix support issues.

Grasshopper: Pros and Cons

Grasshopper Pros

Grasshopper Cons

 7 day free trial

The free trial may be inefficient for some users to learn the system in time to actually try it out

Lower price point <$10/month

Price point includes lack of features needed for SMS marketing campaigns and other marketing efforts necessary for small businesses

Mobile app for business calls and texts

Not very intuitive according to customer reviews

Award Winning VoxDirect: A One-Stop-Shop Loaded with Essential Features

Grasshopper Alternative

VoxDirect from VOXOX is the best choice for small businesses who are serious about increasing sales and revenue. For over 15+ years, VOXOX has been leading the telco industry with 5G-AI powered innovation. VOXOX created VoxDirect as an all-in-one communications solution for start-ups and small business owners to access enterprise-level features & data without having to pay for an arsenal of tools that they don’t need.

With VoxDIrect 5G enabled and in-depth AI data learning, business owners can align their SMS marketing campaigns with their customer’s pain points, motivations, and needs – resulting in strong brand loyalty and more sales.


With three different pricing plans, there is something for every business owner! All plans come with 24/7 support, unlimited one-on-one text messaging, unlimited phone calls, and a 30-day free trial. Plus, VOXOX solutions offer seamless integrations with the cloud service providers you’re already using, such as Zapier, AWS, Oracle and more.

With VoxDirect, you won’t run into hidden fees, surprise paywalls or excessive monthly subscriptions. VoxDirect solutions come with an extensive set of robust automated SMS marketing features that are necessary for efficiency and growth. Key features, including drip campaigns, text templates, keyword segmentation and two-way messaging, empower small business owners to work and scale their business from anywhere.

While Grasshopper lacks many of the robust features and works on a per-number pay plan, VOXOX guarantees every customer at every pricing package a platform loaded with essential tools and features, 24/7 support, white-glove concierge services, unlimited one-on-one text messaging, unlimited phone calls and a 30-day free trial.

Advanced Features

VoxDirect is super easy to use- without sacrificing advanced features. Everything can be done right from the intuitive iOS or Android app. VoxDirect offers a ton of advanced features that Grasshopper doesn’t provide.

  • Drip campaigns- easily capitalize on targeted and automated text campaigns. Drip campaigns are super easy to use, save you time, and increase revenue.
  • Text marketing templates- You don't have to be an expert copywriter to create killer marketing campaigns. VoxDirect allows you to choose your industry and a category to get access to tons of free text message templates!
  • VR Automation- SMS autoresponders allow you to send instant automated texts to your contacts when they type a specific keyword, allowing you to deliver promotions, on demand information, and more- fast.
  • VR Automation (List Builder)- You can simply upload your list, but you can grow it even easier with a campaign saying "text JOIN to 1800-123-4567." Easily build your tribe through this feature.
  • Seamless integration- Easily integrate VoxDirect's text message marketing with CRMs, marketing software through Zapier, and popular email systems.
  • AI chatbots- Advanced chatbots can have conversations with your customers to answer questions and deliver digital customer engagement.

24/7 Dedicated Customer Support Team

VoxDirect is a great choice for business owners who care about customer service, sales, and getting a high Return on Investment (ROI). Unlike Grasshopper, VoxDirect has numerous excellent reviews with customers publically recommending every facet of the service, including the highly educated and dedicated customer support team.

VOXOX provides 24/7 customer support no matter which tier plan you have, making it super accessible for smaller businesses and solopreneurs.

VoxDirect: Pros and Cons

VoxDirect Pros

VoxDirect Cons

30 day free trial with all included features!

Doesn’t have file sharing capabilities

Unlimited one-on-one messaging

Bulk messaging is not unlimited but is sufficient for most small businesses

Advanced features no matter what tiered pricing level

Doesn’t have video conferencing capabilities

24/7 support for all tiers


Why VoxDirect is the #1 GrassHopper Alternative for Small Businesses

Grasshopper Alternative

  • Cost Effective.  VoxDirect provides low pricing plans that include multiple users, which means it’s super cost effective- without sacrificing on features or 24/7 support. VOXOX is priced with small business in mind and there are never any hidden fees. There’s unlimited talk and text, which means you won’t be charged extra. This means that you can save a ton of money compared to Grasshopper’s plan. For small companies or solopreneurs, this is a great choice.
  • Includes more than one user. Each plan comes with more than one extension and user, making it super easy for your whole team to work together without spending extra money. This lets you look big, act big, and grow big- without a big bill!
  • All the features you need. There are a TON of features. You won’t believe all you can do with VoxDirect. It has everything you need to run a crazy successful SMS marketing campaign and make meaningful connections with your customers.
  • Super easy to use. The intuitive interface lets you do everything you need to communicate with your customers and plan crazy good marketing campaigns. And if you get stuck, you can call the highly trained customer service team.
  • Designed for marketing proficiency and improved scalability. VOXOX was built with growth and scalability in mind. Unique features allow segmentation of contact lists and effective campaigns- meaning when you grow, you can rest easy knowing VoxDirect can still help you.

Try VoxDirect for Free Today!

VoxDirect offers a lengthy free trial period. You can explore all features, including drop campaigns, automation, and more so you can decide if VoxDirect is a good fit for you and your business needs.

With VoxDirect’s free trial you get:

  • 30 day free trial (more than 3x longer than Grasshopper’s free trial)
  • All features included with the selected plan
  • Cancel anytime
  • No hidden fees or set up charges
  • No limits outside of the plan


Grasshopper vs VoxDirect: Which One is a Better Fit for Small Businesses?

Grasshopper Alternative

The modern small business needs a reliable cloud-based phone service with an innovative app, great features, automation and AI, and unlimited talk and text. VoxDirect overall has more key features that Grasshopper doesn’t have:

  • Drip campaigns
  • Campaign templates
  • Keyword automations
  • AI chatbot
  • Unlimited calls and text
  • Contact segmentation
  • Call recording
  • SMS reply
  • List builder

Simply put, GrassHopper is lacking major capabilities that are necessary in today’s tech-centric market. These capabilities, like SMS marketing and AI data-learning, have been proven to increase engagement and accelerate growth. VoxDirect provides its users with everything they need in one easy-to-use solution.

When to Use a Grasshopper Alternative like VoxDirect

People may choose a Grasshopper alternative for any number of reasons, especially those with a small business who may find that Grasshopper does not have all of the features necessary to boost engagement, increase efficiency and drive revenue.

Today, it makes the most sense to go with a company whose SMS marketing service is designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups, and micro businesses. VOXOX recognizes that small businesses may need to look big, and have big features, without a big price tag.

Consider which features you need to support both your customers and team. Compare several phone systems to determine if VOXOX is right for you and your business goals!

Final Thoughts

Both cloud-based phone systems have various features you need for SMS marketing, a free trial to help you make the best decision for your business, as well as call and text capabilities. Having a cloud phone system can help you scale your business, so you can focus on doing other things like run your business.

Grasshopper may be good for solopreneurs who are just starting out and don’t need a ton of features. However, for businesses that are serious about their marketing efforts, VoxDirect is the way to go. For competitive pricing, you get a ton of extra features, like AI chatbots, drop campaigns, campaign templates, unlimited texts, call recording, unlimited calls, virtual receptionists… the list goes on and on! These features are not included in Grasshopper’s plans, so most businesses will find VoxDirect to be a better choice.

VoxDirect offers a simple solution: a cloud-based phone system with unlimited talk and one-on-one text, as well as a generous amount of bulk SMS so you can slay your marketing campaigns!

TL;DR: VoxDirect from VOXOX provides the best overall service, cost, interface, and advanced features for small businesses who are serious about making amazing SMS text message campaigns and seeing a ROI for their cloud based phone system.