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Give Yourself the Gift of Cloud Communications for Father's Day

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:20:47 AM

Every June, sons and daughters present their fathers with cards, ties, sweaters and various other presents to show their appreciation for their dads. But whether you are a father or not, if you own a small business, this Father’s Day is as good a time as any to give yourself the gift of cloud communications.

Father's Day Gift

Cloud communications can help your company cut expenses and boost productivity by offering big business functionality at a reasonable price. A cloud-based phone service, for example, is maintained by a third-party over the web, meaning you can invest in this gift without paying for a complicated installation or any hardware upkeep. Additionally, the phone system’s settings are also accessible through the web which allows you to make changes on the fly.

The vast array of features you can leverage with a cloud-based system lets you project a big business image even if you are a sole proprietor. For instance, top-shelf products offer:

  • A toll free business-specific phone number to give to customers and contacts
  • Reach Me Anywhere technology that connects your incoming business calls anywhere you choose on any device
  • An auto attendant that greets callers professionally and presents them with menu options
  • Voicemail transcription that lets you read your voicemails when you can’t listen
  • Business-class voicemail to email that ensures you never lose an important old messag 
  • Instant conference calling that facilitates collaboration among your employees

So even if your schedule is full this Father’s Day, find some time—maybe between breakfast in bed and dinner on the town—to investigate cloud communications. Because although Father’s Day comes only once per year, your company needs best-in-class business tools the other 364 as well.    


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