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5 Reasons to Use Call Recording for Your Business

Posted by Erica Berry

Apr 12, 2019 9:15:00 AM

Entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself are busy. Busy running your business, helping clients, training employees and of course—taking phone calls. Wouldn’t it be great if the burden of remembering and accounting for all the details discussed on key calls was taken off your shoulders? It can be with call recording.

 Call recording Voxox

If you’ve already switched to a virtual phone service like Voxox Cloud Phone, your provider probably offers this feature for free—perhaps you just haven’t discovered it yet! For those of you still on an old-school system, make the switch now.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs call recording: 

1. Capture Missed or Forgotten Details

No pen and paper? No problem, call recording lets you pay attention to the conversation, rather than franticly searching for something to write on. Listen back on the recording to get the details when you need them.


2. Share Information Between Employees

Say you took a call that was better suited for your business partner. Rather than passing along notes or trying to explain the conversation, simply share the call recording with them, and they can take it from there.


3. Quality Control

Knowing that your entire team is providing accurate information, acting professional on the phone and treating your clients right will allow you to rest easy—and improve your client relations (aka sales). Listen to select recordings to make sure your team is up to snuff.


4. Resolve Disputes

Unhappy clients are cause for alarm and call recording can help you get to the bottom of an issue. Whether an order was placed incorrectly, or a caller was given mis-information, recording calls with the customer can give you the details you need to appropriately rectify the issue.


5. Improve Customer Service

Have an unsatisfied client, or a super happy one? Listen back on the call recording that swayed them for insight into what your team can do better, or to train your employees on what great customer service sounds like!


Why not give yourself the option to go back to and review your important calls, when needed? Start using call recording today and see how it can improve your business efficiency, enhance your customer service and increase sales.

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Entrepreneur Travel Tips: How to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly via Virtual PBX

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:14:37 AM

You want to take a vacation this summer. But you can’t afford to completely shut your company's doors for two weeks. Have no fear – your virtual PBX service is here to help.

Entrepreneurs are busy people. Early meetings, long days and late nights make for success– but come summertime everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sunshine. While many might think they can’t take a break without putting a hold on business matters, the truth is cloud technologies like virtual PBX allow entrepreneurs to keep tabs on their business while globetrotting.

Here are a few convenient ways you can use a virtual PBX service to stay in touch with colleagues and clients while abroad:

1. Keep your same number, even abroad.

Making clients pay to call you (aka international fees) is never a "feel good" moment. Plus, clients can get confused by the international area codes, so you might miss important calls and business opportunities, etc.. With a virtual PBX service, you can keep your same number no matter where you are. Say you're traveling in Mexico, but your virtual number (from your virtual PBX service) has a U.S. area code. All your U.S. contacts can reach you via your dedicated U.S. business number, regardless of your actual location, and you can pick and choose which business calls to take and which ones to send to voicemail. 

2. Manage your phone system from anywhere.

Having complete control of your business phone system is important and saves a lot of headaches. Managing bills and settings with a virtual PBX system is easy. Since virtual PBXs are web-based services you can change your settings from anywhere around the world. Add a line, remove a line, read notifications, etc. No matter what you need to do, it can be done from your app or browser. Make sure you select a virtual PBX provider with a simple user experience yet robust features and functionality.

3. Transfer calls on the fly.

Have you ever been on an important phone call, only to have to hang up because of a dead cell battery? It happens more than you might want, and slows down business. That’s where call transfer comes in handy. When your business phone number is through a virtual PBX system, it's possible to transfer calls on the fly from one device to another wherever you are in the world. Say your mobile that you've been using on WiFi has a low battery. Just switch over to your hotel room phone while it charges. Not all virtual PBX services offer this feature, so ask before you buy because it's very handy for travel!

4. Call recording.

Say you want to take advantage of your new time zone for a quick call with an international business contact who has the opposite work time schedule with you when you're at home. Record your call and send it over to your team back at home and delegate some action items!  When you select your virtual PBX service provider, take a look at the feature list and make sure you see the call recording feature on there. Super convenient. 

5. View faxes anywhere.

Faxes may be on the way out as far as popular business communications go. But when you need to read them, you need to read them. Say you need to review a time-sensitive contract for your colleagues back home to sign off on. Rather than bottlenecking their progress until you’re back in the office, have them fax you the contract. Take a look and shoot them a call, text or email approval. It’s that easy, and your clients (and staffers!) will appreciate your attention.

With a virtual PBX phone system and a little know-how, it’s possible for entrepreneurs to take a break without completely shutting their doors for business. Before you head out on your getaway, be sure to find the perfect virtual PBX system for your needs (we can help!) and don’t forget to check back for Part 2 of this post, which highlights a few ways you can avoid roaming charges while abroad.

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