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Why Phone Extensions Make Sense for Your Home-based Business

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:20:14 AM

If you work from home, the idea of phone extensions for your business line may not have crossed your mind. Maybe you're a solo-preneur, or perhaps you have a few other colleagues dispersed across the country working from their own home offices or coffee shops. So, why would you need extensions if you don't have a traditional business phone system, or even a traditional business office?  While this may be the case, cloud technology has made it easy for businesses of all kinds to set up two or three digit extensions that route business calls directly to mobile phones of your team members through a virtual business phone system.  There are so many ways to use phone extensions to provide your clients with stellar customer service—no matter how big, small or distributed you are. Here are three scenarios to consider:

One Person Business

You're running the show. You have no one to answer to. So, why would you possibly need multiple phone extensions? Because even though you're a business of one, you still have different "departments"—ie: billing, customer service, scheduling, etc. By setting up phone extensions for these different aspects of your business, you'll create a big business feel, and give your clients the security they get when working with an established company. 

Here's a scenario: You own a jewelry store that is open by appointment only, but you also have an online retail site. To manage both all on your own, you have a virtual phone number with separate extensions for store hours and information, online purchases, appointment scheduling and customer support. By sharing general info like "store hours" you can let your clients know they'll need to schedule an appointment (which they can also do via phone) or you can direct them to your retail site—all without ever having to pick up the phone. When you're a one person business, you'll need all the time you can get to focus on other aspects of your company. 

Small Dispersed Team

Phone extensions are a great option for virtual small businesses with team members who live in different areas. Rather than providing a slew of phone numbers to clients and making them track down the right person, extensions can do the hard work for them. Whether you choose to have the extension route directly to a person or department, your callers will thank you.

Here's a scenario: You and your friends from your last agency job all got together and started your own consultancy. But since coming together, you've found yourself living in different cities. By setting up phone extensions, your clients are able to call your central business phone number and be directed to the correct person, all with the touch of a button. Your clients will never be the wiser that Jon, your tech guy, is working from his beach chair in Florida, or that your social media pro Sam is phoning in from Alaska. 

Unlimited Extensions

With only a few departments and a handful of employees, the idea of having access to an unlimited number of extensions might seem unnecessary. But if you get creative, extensions can allow you to give your customers top notch service. Think VIP extensions, hidden extensions, experimental marketing and product line extensions. You can find a few more unique ideas here.

Here's a scenario: You're a web development firm with some high-end clients. You know they want VIP treatment, so why not give them a hidden VIP extension? By creating their own private extension, you'll always know who is calling and they'll feel like Top Dog. This same idea also works for marketing. By creating custom extensions and placing them on different marketing materials - your website, flyers, Facebook, etc. — you'll know where your referrals are coming from. Ultimately helping you to better generate leads and improve your bottom line. 


Phone extensions are an easy way to improve your phone communications, and with unlimited extensions offered from Voxox Cloud Phone, there’s no limit on how creative you can get. To get started, you’ll need a virtual number—if you don’t already have one—but set-up is simple and you get a free trial too. Are you already using phone extensions for your small business? We’d love to hear about your experience. Share with us in the comments below or on social media –FacebookTwitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

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