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The future of hosted: takeaways from the 4th Annual GTS Open House

Posted by Tad Nikolich on Aug 01, 2017

The Voxox team is reveling in the killer conversations we had at the 4th Annual Global Telecom Solutions Open House recently. Mostly we can't stop talking about the expert panel GTS hosted during the one day event. Voxox was among only four companies represented on the event's industry experts panel. We shared the stage alongside US Signal, 123NetInc and vMOX. We thought we would share some of our takeaways from the panel, as they are timely to many conversations happening right now in channel partner and telecom circles. Both as it relates to hosted PBX and the larger arena of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

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Topics: Hosted PBX, UCaaS, channel partners

Voxox Signs MicroCorp as Master Agent

Posted by Tad Nikolich on Feb 26, 2014

Our business services team is at the Channel Partners show in Las Vegas this week, and we have some great news. We've signed Atlanta-based MicroCorp as our newest Master Agent partner, extending our reach by 1,500+ new agents nationwide. The nation's oldest, leading master distributor will be reselling our wholesale and SMB solutions, including conversational and short call dialer traffic, SIP trunking, and hosted PBX.  Check out the details on the partnership in the press release below and/or stop by our booth( #4036) if you're at the Channel Partners show...

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Topics: Voice Communication, Communication, Company Announcements, Voxox, VoIP, Events

Leveraging VoIP: Run Your Business With More Than Your Personal Phone

Posted by Tad Nikolich on Jan 28, 2014

If you just started your new business and you need phone service, or maybe your business has been around for a while but your personal cell phone is no longer sufficient to manage your company's growth. Leveraging a hosted VoIP system can help you manage your call flow and look more professional.  

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Topics: Voice Communication, Communication, Voxox, VoIP, Cost Savings

How Voxox iPhone App Saved Me 300 Dollars on Texting While Traveling Abroad

Posted by Tad Nikolich on Jul 05, 2011

I just recently went on vacation to the Dominican Republic with some friends. Before I left, I contacted my mobile carrier to see how much calls, texts and data would cost while I was traveling abroad. After doing this research and confirming how expensive all this would be on my iPhone, I decided that the best option for me would be to turn off data roaming and calling, and instead use the SMS feature of my Voxox iPhone app in combination with the resort's Wi-Fi.

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Topics: Voxox, SMS