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How Wholesale SMS Can Make a Big Impact on Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by John Lee on Jun 18, 2015


Mobile is transforming the way we do business. With approximately 6 billion SMS messages sent in the US every day, more businesses are applying SMS marketing to reach their audience. Sending bulk SMS allows companies to engage existing customers and reach new ones. You could instantly deliver promotional offers, news alerts, or appointment reminders that your customers see immediately.

Here’s some ways that wholesale SMS could boost your marketing strategy:


Let’s say you were running an email marketing campaign. You create an email newsletter with special offers and send it to your subscribers. With consumers receiving an average of 80 emails per day, your newsletter could easily get lost or filtered into the spam folder. Even in the chance that your email is opened, it may be skimmed or quickly glanced at, and forgotten. By sending bulk SMS, you’re reaching a broader number of people, more efficiently and directly. It takes less time and effort than putting together an email marketing campaign and has a faster open rate as well. Since mobile users usually have their phones on them, your business could send mass notifications to recipients instantly.

Rapid delivery isn’t the only advantage of incorporating wholesale SMS in your marketing strategy. Businesses could dramatically improve campaigns due to the high open rate and insure that the recipients stay informed with the latest updates. Since the people who sign up for the SMS promotions are already interested in your brand, you will be marketing directly to a target audience that’s already captivated and attentive. An engaged audience means a better chance of building loyalty and growing your customer base. 

In order to reach today’s consumers, businesses should focus attention on building engagement with mobile users. By incorporating wholesale SMS in your marketing strategy, you could send messages to boost store traffic and keep your customers up-to-date. If you're still wondering how your small business could benefit from an SMS based marketing campaign, be sure to contact us or leave a comment below! 


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