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Q&A with Debi Yphantides, VP Wholesale Sales, Voxox

Posted by Natasha Grach on Dec 12, 2018


We sat down with our new VP of Wholesale Sales, Debi Yphantides, to get a few nuggets of wisdom..


Q: What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

A: Event networking is an important way for us to keep in touch with clients as well as meeting with vendors and new prospects. In 2018, the Voxox wholesale team attended ITW, Channel Partners, LA Mobile World Congress, InCompass, World Telemedia Spain, and Capacity Messaging & SMS London. We are considering some of these for 2019, and have plans to attend IT Expo in Florida and ITW in Atlanta.

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Voxox Announces Appointment of Debi Yphantides as VP of Wholesale Sales

Posted by Natasha Grach on Dec 11, 2018


We're excited to introduce you to our latest addition to the Voxox management team -- Debi Yphanties, our new VP of Wholesale Sales. Check out her story in the press release about Debi's appointment (below) and tune in tomorrow for a follow-up post with a short Q&A with Debi about her vision for wholesale sales leadership in 2019.

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Voxox Channel Partner Program Recognized by CRN

Posted by Natasha Grach on Jul 27, 2015

We are excited to announce that our channel partner program made it in the CRN 2015 Network Connectivity Services Partner Program Guide!  CRN is the channel community’s trusted authority for growth and innovation. The annual guide is a list of leading channel technology and solutions providers "building bridges to facilitate IT-telecom convergence".  The guide will be featured in the August issue for CRN. 

Check out the full press release below about this recognition:


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Topics: Company Announcements, press release, Wholesale

How Wholesale SMS Can Make a Big Impact on Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by John Lee on Jun 18, 2015

Mobile is transforming the way we do business. With approximately 6 billion SMS messages sent in the US every day, more businesses are applying SMS marketing to reach their audience. Sending bulk SMS allows companies to engage existing customers and reach new ones. You could instantly deliver promotional offers, news alerts, or appointment reminders that your customers see immediately.

Here’s some ways that wholesale SMS could boost your marketing strategy:

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Topics: Communication, Messaging, SMS, Text Communication, SMB, Business, Wholesale

BRIC and the Mobile First Economy

Posted by Ian LeWinter on May 07, 2015

Brazil, Russia, India and China. What do they have in common? Well, economists believe these four countries — collectively known as BRIC countries — are in a comparable phase of economic progress they term “newly advanced.”

Why are the BRIC countries important? Financial clout, pure and simple. Goldman Sachs has predicted the BRIC economies will eclipse the combined economies of the richest countries of the world.1

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Voxox Announces Growth and Expansion of Wholesale SMS Solutions

Posted by Natasha Grach on Dec 16, 2014

A few years ago, we announced our awesome wholesale SMS offering (SMS Solutions) designed to streamline communication between businesses and their customers. Accessible through a web service API, SMS Solutions enables businesses looking to SMS-enable their products, services and customer communications to do so quickly and affordably. With our CLEC operations, Voxox has some major perks and ways to help businesses cut costs on one-way notifications (for example, sending a text to subscribers regarding the status of their order) and two-way SMS communications (for example, verifying a customer’s identity).

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Topics: Company Announcements, SMS, Wholesale

How Outbound and Inbound Call Centers Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jul 02, 2014

According to a recent article from Smart Customer Service, outbound and inbound call centers are benefiting financially from VoIP technology. While traditional telecommunication companies charge higher rates for call centers in order to make money in the high traffic environment, VoIP technology enables Call Centers to drastically reduce switching and resource overhead. Resulting in offer rates that are 30 to 80 percent lower. This adds up to a significant savings of thousands of dollars per month for active call centers, based on the article noted above.

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Topics: VoIP, SMS, Cost Savings, Business, SIP Trunking, Wholesale

Quickly Contact Customers Worldwide Through SMS Gateway API

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jun 24, 2014

Picture this. It could be any airport, any airline. Suddenly every cell phone in the gate area begins to chirp. Why? Because customers are getting an update on their flight status. If they're lucky, this message says their plane is cleared to fly and will begin boarding shortly.

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Topics: Voxox, SMS, SMB, Wholesale

Wholesale VoIP Scalability for Elections

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Sep 19, 2013

Voice Broadcasting has changed the way political campaigns are run. Wholesale VoIP has created a streamlined means of influencing voters in a scalable, affordable way.

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Topics: Voice Communication, Communication, Telecommunication Trends, Voxox, VoIP, Wholesale

4 Reasons Carriers Hate Dialer Traffic

Posted by Cliff Rees on Jun 26, 2013

When a call center is shopping around for a carrier to provide them with phone service, they're likely to encounter prices so high that it seems like carriers don't want them as customers. And it's often true! Carriers don’t like dialer traffic for four primary reasons.

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Topics: Small Business Tips, Wholesale