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How Outbound and Inbound Call Centers Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jul 02, 2014


According to a recent article from Smart Customer Service, outbound and inbound call centers are benefiting financially from VoIP technology. While traditional telecommunication companies charge higher rates for call centers in order to make money in the high traffic environment, VoIP technology enables Call Centers to drastically reduce switching and resource overhead. Resulting in offer rates that are 30 to 80 percent lower. This adds up to a significant savings of thousands of dollars per month for active call centers, based on the article noted above.

How outbound and inbound call centers can save thousands of dollarsImage Courtesy of Flickr User State Farm


If you already have your own switches and phone equipment, Voxox can help you save money and extend the life of your current phone system. SIP trunking can help outbound and inbound call centers significantly reduce the amount of money spent on phone communications. Each SIP trunk line represents the number of calls that can be made to the public phone network at the same time. The more trunks, the more simultaneous calls you can make, meaning SIP trunking is instantly scalable. For Call Centers Voxox offers special wholesale rates on our SIP trunking solutions. Giving your organization the freedom to choose a pricing option that works for your business model. Options include price per-minute, bundling, and unlimited calling plans.


Quickly connect with your customer base through SMS messaging. Voxox gives your organization access to our API and SMS gateway at incredible rates. Giving your organization the power to send hundreds of thousands of text messages quickly, and easily at a price that you can afford.


According to ContactBabel's research 40 percent of U.S. contact centers currently use outbound dialer applications, with another 8 percent planning to add them. This means telecom companies can continue to expect an increase in short call traffic due to dialer-driven spikes. Which in turn means that Outbound and Inbound Call Centers can expect telecom providers to continue to respond by charging higher rates for short call traffic.Voxox specializes in short call termination we do not, and will not charge a premium. With Voxox you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality service at a great savings when compared to other telecom providers.


Voxox terminates over 85 million minutes of call center traffic each month to U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and additional countries not listed. We have successfully helped our Call Center customers to save money and increase call quality through our carrier grade business solutions. If you have a call center, it's time to embrace the technology that makes your business more affordable. For more information on our solutions for outbound and inbound call centers, give us a call at 1.866.612.8647, visit our website or Get A Quote today.

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