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3 Last-Minute Ways to Make Your Business Festive on Valentine's Day

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:38:22 AM

Valentine’s Day is next week! We all know that it’s the perfect time to add a little fun to your small business' image. Many businesses, like floral designers or hometown chocolatiers, make this holiday a priority and prepare far in advance with their marketing strategies. However, even if your business is not in the Valentine's Day spotlight, you can still get in on the V-Day love with just a little creativity and minimal time – simply use your business’ voice presence to get festive in a simple and super fast way!

For those of you using a virtual phone system, like Voxox Cloud Phone, you already know you have a slew of features at your fingertips. Here are a few ways to use those features to tap into the love that swirls around us mid-February.




1. Update your business voicemail with a timely festive greeting

Recording a festive voicemail greeting is a fun way to engage with your callers without ever picking up the phone. By including a quick Happy Valentine’s Day or using festive language – cupid, arrow, heart, candy - shows clients you’re not only committed to business, but also have a personal side.

On the off chance you’re one of the rare small business owners taking Valentine’s Day off, you can use this as an opportunity to update your voicemail to acknowledge the closure, convey when your business is reopening, and of course, wish your callers a Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. Add a menu option to promote your Valentine’s Day special

Many types of businesses offer Valentine’s Day specials, even the unexpected – dry cleaners, sandwich shops, and CPAs. If you are offering a V-Day special, adding in an option to buy or learn more about your V-Day special at the beginning of your caller menu will help build awareness and could even boost sales.

Looking for something out of the box? Add a menu option to talk to Cupid! Your callers will love it and you may gain more clients from the hype. Just be sure to have someone ready to answer the line.

3. Send a heart-felt SMS to your clients

We all loved getting Snoopy Valentine’s from our classmates. So why not give those same feels to our clients with a festive SMS? Sending a text to your customers wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day, or sharing a V-Day promotion, is a simple way to engage clients and build brand awareness.

Really want to show the love? Run a text promotion and show your customers how much they mean to you by offering special, limited-time Valentine’s Day deals for current customers only. It could be a BOGO offer, a discount on their next service or purchase, or a free gift the next time they come in. Whatever it is –your customers will come running with open wallets (ahem, arms).

Incorporating these tactics into your business’ voice presence this Valentine’s Day is a quick and easy way to get in on the holiday love, connect with your clients when they may not expect it, and promote your specials and promos. If you don’t have a virtual phone number yet, it’s not too late. You can get one now with Voxox Cloud Phone and see how its features can go to work for you business.


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