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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Auto Attendant

Posted by Erica Berry

May 7, 2018 2:39:50 PM

A Virtual Receptionist does more than just answer calls. When programmed strategically it can be the office assistant you've always dreamed of, but much, much cheaper. A virtual receptionist can transfer callers to extensions based on their menu selection, without speaking to a live operator. This means your business calls will be handled professionally and exactly the way you want every time the phone rings –no matter what time of day.

While setting up your virtual receptionist is very straightforward, we have a few ideas on how to take yours to next level...

Here are 4 creative ways you can use your virtual receptionist to simplify your business phone communications and improve customer service for our callers:


1. Give it Personality

Your virtual receptionist is the voice of your business. It tells your customers how serious you are about your company and how serious you are about them. Check with your service provider what voice, gender and accent/dialect options you have. Creating an initial hello that is warm, welcoming and inclusive of your brand’s unique personality is a simple way to provide callers with an authentic, branded first impression.

2. Create a Directory

Even if your business is a solo operation adding in one or two extra options in your directory is a simple way to make your business appear bigger and it allows you to track why customers are calling. Just keep it brief enough to hold their attention and use your inbound call data to edit options later on down the road–see which option is being used most and put that first.

3. Share Announcements

In many cases, callers are simply looking for basic information that can be answered by your virtual receptionist. Adding announcement messages such as business hours, location and directions allows you to give your customers the information they need quickly and efficiently – likely cutting down on your phone time as well.

4. Go Pro

When your virtual receptionist transfers callers to voicemail, you want it to sound just right... so, hire a pro! Companies like SnapRecordings offer a network of professional voice talent so you can choose a tone and feel that perfectly reflects your business. They’ll even help with wording!

If you own a business and don’t have a virtual receptionist yet – it’s time we get you up to speed! Check out all that Cloud Phone has to offer (including virtual recpetionists), and see all the ways we can help make your business phone communications as simple, convenient and welcoming as they possibly can be.

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