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4 Ways a Virtual PBX Service Can Save Small Business Owners Money on Voice Communications

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:28:37 AM

usinesses need phone systems, so why stick to a traditional phone service when you could have a virtual PBX? Virtual PBX combines traditional telephone service with the Internet “cloud” to offer more features, greater flexibility, and significant costs savings. Companies using a virtual PBX service can reap significant savings on their monthly phone bill and forego investment in new phone equipment -- one of the biggest perks of virtual PBX. Greater capabilities and freedom, coupled with major cost savings, sounds like a deal you and your business can’t refuse. Here's how all those saved dollars add up:


Low Cost Calling

Small businesses that switch from a traditional business phone system to a virtual PBX service (which uses VoIP) reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40% and international calls by up to 90%, according to Even if you're running an inbound call enter, or make just the occasional phone call, your cost savings will add up, not to mention all the enterprise grade features that come standard with a virtual PBX service. 

  • Save on local calls
  • Dramatically reduce your international calling bills

Save Money on Equipment & Startup Fees 

If you're starting a new business, choosing a VoIP business phone system can cut initial startup costs by as much as 90% ( However, that cost savings is amplified even further with a virtual PBX service, which eliminates the need to buy or lease physical phone equipment for your business. Just connect the smartphone you already use to your system in the cloud. Look for virtual PBX services that also offer faxing to avoid having to get a separate fax line or a fax machine.

  • No cost for phone equipment
  • No extra fee for a fax number or costly fax machine

No Cost (and Easy) Maintenance

When dealing with a traditional phone company, any changes you make to your phone system will cost you. Need another line? Expect to pay for setup and service. Want to downgrade? You'll have to wait until the end of your contract and you most likely will have to pay some fees. With a virtual PBX service, you don't have to deal with any of that, but here’s what you do get: 

  • No maintenance or support fees
  • No downgrade fees
  • No extra fees for adding extensions
  • A system that can grow with your company, regardless of size to accommodate your business’s current and future needs. Adding lines, removing lines, changing lines and hiring remote workers can all be managed through your personal web dashboard. 

Reduce Overhead with Telecommuting

A typical business could save $11,000 per person per year by offering telecommuting positions, according to In fact, the same source says many businesses show teleworkers are also 35-40% more productive than their traditional counterparts. With a virtual PBX service, you can keep remote workers connected seamlessly and improve productivity rates, which ultimately reduces overhead. With a virtual PBX service, workers can be anywhere across the globe and, as long as they have an internet connection, it would be just as if they were sitting right in the office. This flexibility allows you to find and retain talent, and accommodate practically any type of remote worker situation.

  • Reduce costs by offering more positions to telecommuters
  • Use virtual PBX service to provide a more productive and efficient work environment

A virtual PBX service offers all the great things you love in a traditional phone system like reliability, without all the things you don’t like high costs, clunky hardware and geographic restrictions – plus a lot of extras like high-end business features and flexibility. Do you have any other ways you save with virtual PBX?  Comment here or on our social channels (FacebookTwitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.)


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