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4 Ways Phone Customization Makes an Independent Consultant's Life Easier

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:31:59 AM

Independent consultants are busy people. Phone calls are coming in, client requests are being made and keeping up with the workflow can be a challenge in itself. So, when it comes to business communications you need something reliable and professional -- with customization capabilities that work for you. 

To get all these features, you might think you're stuck with an expensive centralized phone system, but you're wrong. We know independent consultants have unique schedules and work environments -- whether you're on the go, or have co-workers all around the country who connect remotely, or because it's just you in your home office. With all these factors in mind, you probably don't have the need for a phone tied to a physical location. So,what's the solution to your individual situation and communication needs? A customized phone system that connects directly to the mobile phone you already have.

Here's how phone customization can help improve the life of a busy consultant:


1 - Separation of business and personal identities

Many consultants often have one or a couple of co-workers in the business, but would prefer to have the image of a bigger business. Having a distinct business phone line and voicemail greeting that establishes your consulting business as a separate entity from you personally with a voicemail greeting that speaks to a more professional image, and may win customer trust more easily.

2 - Improved focus balanced with communication needs

Oftentimes, consultants are working on a project that requires a chunk of time with heavy focus. Customization of phone settings allows for minimal disruptions at the times that matter most. This includes receiving voicemail transcriptions, instead of picking up calls and setting notifications to email only so that texts don't distract from the focus-heavy project.

3 - Time savings through efficiency and better coordination

When a consultant has multiple co-workers or business partners working for the same clients, it might be easiest to set up extensions through the business line so that the caller can use the auto-attendant to reach the appropriate person at the business, without having to look up a bunch of phone numbers. Oftentimes, consultants work from their home office, so these extensions can be life-savers in coordinating communication without a "middle-man".

4 - More professional business image

There are many ways that customizing your phone presence can make your business look bigger and more professional. Perks to customization include: getting your business a toll free number that's easy to remember; routing your calls to multiple calling devices, if that's your preference; customizing your business message to say exactly what you need it to say right now, and more.  

Does your current phone system let you do all this? If not, it's time to make the switch and see how customization can help you boost your productivity and provide better communication between you, your team and your clients. Comment here if you have more ideas on how to improve business phone communications.


Topics: Telecommunication Trends, Cloud Phone, Small Business Productivity, Improve Your Business