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A Small Business Phone System Built for Giant Ambition

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:42:07 AM

Sure your business may be starting small, but you certainly don’t expect to stay that way forever. You have big dreams and you need a small business phone system that will help you achieve them. With the technology available today there is no reason your small business phone system can’t provide you the same customer-friendly capabilities as any large business with access to the Internet.

Your customers—no matter what their age—are part of the new generation of mobile device users. According to the Pew Internet Project’s research, as of January 2014,90 percentof American adults have a cell phone, and 58 percent have a smartphone. These people are your customers, they are used to quick and reliable service and they want that same easy access to you and your company

Small Business Mobile Phone

Extremely quick to set up and easy to use, Cloud Phone—the new cloud communications application from Voxox—enables you to provide the kind of customer service that helps you grow your business and move towards your expansion goals. We simplify communications by putting crucial business features in the palm of your hand, such as:

  • Auto Attendant that greets your callers and presents them with menu options. 
  • Reach Me Anywhere technology that connects incoming business calls to you and your employees anywhere you choose on any device
  • Voicemail transcription that lets you read your voicemails when you can’t listen…

And much, much more!

With all the convenience Cloud Phone offers it will make your company more resilient to customer demands and strengthen your bottom line. So let’s go—it’s time to start making those big business dreams a reality!


Topics: Small Business Productivity, Improve Your Business