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A Small Business Phone System that Grows With You

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:41:48 AM

Scaling might be the one thing you dream about for your startup at night. You yearn for the day when you will have cubicles filled with determined employees pushing the envelope on your value proposition. You long for the day when your phone rings incessantly, driving your need for auto attendants and voicemail-to-email notification functionality. But scaling does not come without its challenges.


Photo Courtesy of Flikr User Sebastiaan ter Burg 

In addition to dealing with a surge of new employees, sudden growth also means you have to address the need for new technology. Because oftentimes the technology that worked for you on day one with just you on the payroll won’t suffice when you have 10 employees.

Companies looking to scale from a single-person business to 10 employees for “peanuts” need not look further than our Cloud Phone offering, a cost-effective and seamless way to grow your startup telephony system.  The Voxox small business phone system grows with you; it’s ready to go big whenever you are. Our customers can enjoy a variety of flexible pricing: Basic for up to two users at $14.95 a month; Plus for up to five users at $29.95 a month; or Pro for up to 10 users at $34.95 a month. The minutes and overages also scale as you add more users.

Here at Voxox we understand that your business could take off on a moment’s notice—and we hope it does! So the next time you have that dream about expansion (and the rows of cubicles and envelope pushing) take a look around and make sure Cloud Phone is your small business phone system of choice during REM sleep. And if you are still on the fence about our offering, then try us out for 30 days for free. We promise you, there are no scaling nightmares with this phone system.


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