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A Small Business Virtual Phone for Virtually Nothing!

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:27:23 AM

It’s no coincidence that all phone commercials stress their competitive pricing, but only cloud-based phone services really provide just that.

Phone systems are an expense many businesses consider a foregone conclusion and a sunk cost. Additionally, downtime, hidden fees, and lackluster support are considered norms. But traditional providers sticking to that old-fashioned model are in for a rude awakening, because there’s a new sheriff in town—small business virtual phones.

Stack of Coins for Small Business

By offering service maintained by a host over the Internet, a small business virtual phone lets businesses slash hardware installation and maintenance expenses. Cloud technology also makes the service more reliable and less vulnerable to disasters. Better yet, the monthly fee associated with the service is peanuts!  

Small business phone service also take all the business features of a legacy enterprise system and make them accessible from the one thing professionals almost always have in front of them: their smartphones. Those features include:

  • A digital text box for customized greetings that can be adjusted quickly on the fly
  • Voicemail transcription that lets you read messages when listening isn’t an option
  • Reach Me Anywhere call forwarding that ensures you are reachable anywhere
  • Instant conference calling that facilitates better collaboration
  • A business-specific number that you can start giving to clients right away

To review, small business virtual phone systems are less expensive than legacy service, and they are feature-rich. They are easier and faster to install and more convenient to use and maintain.

Remind us: why exactly would any business want to stick with a legacy system?


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