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Call Screening: a Gift to Yourself This Holiday Season

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:37:32 AM

There are several reasons why small business owners want call screening - especially around the holidays. Your business is booming with holiday orders and you can only make time for the most important callers. Another reason may be that a caller (think client or business partner) may need to be dealt with in a specific manner due to added holiday stress or deadlines, and you need to mentally prepare for that person. And it also might be that you want quality time with your family and just don't want to take business calls unless it's an emergency situation.

Regardless of your reasoning, call screening can provide a barrier between you and your callers - making your holidays more enjoyable and giving you some much needed work life balance. Plus, it's just one of the many free services that come with Voxox Cloud Phone. So, why not gift yourself call screening this holiday season?


Here are a few ways to put call screening, combined with other professional phone features, to work for you over the holidays (and everyday!):

1. Ho! Ho! Who?

You've probably called a number that asks you to state your name before connecting. With a professional calling service like Voxox Cloud Phone, you can require each caller to state their name and then choose to pick up or send to voicemail. The real gift here is that the caller will never be the wiser no matter which option you choose and it's a simple way to provide professional service to all inbound callers.

2. Christmas "Eaves"drop

Say you've decided to send a caller to voicemail because you didn't have time to talk, didn't recognize the name or maybe weren't sure if you can easily provide assistance at the moment. With Voxox Cloud Phone you can listen in on the voicemail message being left in real-time and pick up mid-message if something important catches your ear. This unique feature is called Eavesdrop and brings us back fond memories of Christmas mornings long ago screening answering machine messages from distant aunts and uncles - who then mention gifts!
3. An SMS Wonderland

The cookies are burning, your cat is climbing the tree and your grandma is requesting another hot toddy. This is when SMS comes in handy. You've screened the call and you want to answer, but just can't talk (read background noise), so you opt for business SMS instead. Voxox Cloud Phone lets you text contacts from your virtual business phone number so the conversation stays professional, you can get your work done and tend to your holiday guests all at the same time.

4. A Call to Remember

Holidays are busy and often require traveling or hosting. If an important call comes in that you can't miss, but also need to take detailed notes on, hit the call record button. This lets you listen in on the call at a more convenient time so you can recall all the details you might have forgotten - a present for your future self!

If call screening sounds like something you could use, tis' the season to sign up for a free virtual phone number and start saving yourself time and unnecessary holiday stress -- it will be the best gift you receive all year!

Topics: Call Screening, Small Business Productivity