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Can’t Afford a Receptionist? Cloud Communications Has You Covered

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:35:28 AM

Not ready to fork over the $30-40K that comes with staffing a receptionist to greet your key stakeholders? We don’t blame you. As a startup, every cent counts and spending a pretty penny to support the salary of someone who answers and routes calls can seem like an unnecessary expenditure—especially when you have global expansion and enhanced product functionality on the horizon.

Cloud Communications Receptionist

Photo Courtesy of Flikr User Evan Bench

But the fact is that the job of a receptionist, better known as the gatekeeper of your company, is exceedingly important. It’s why the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that receptionist employment will grow 13.5 percent between 2012 and 2022, resulting in 135,900 new jobs. Simply put, a receptionist is your first line of defense when it comes to your customers. This employee gives your prospective clients insight into your customer service and an indication as to the type of experience that comes from doing business with your organization.

If you can’t afford a receptionist but don’t want to forgo your level of professionalism, it’s time to cast your eyes toward a cloud communications application, specifically one that boasts an auto attendant. These virtual receptionists can transfer callers to extensions based on their menu selection, without speaking to a live operator or receptionist. This cloud communications auto attendant can enable your company to:          

  • Set customized greetings for callers
  • Route calls seamlessly to landline phones, VoIP devices, mobile phones and other auto attendants so they are not given the round-robin treatment when calling
  • Transfer calls to voicemail boxes, submenus or live individuals

Are you ready to have your company sound like a big deal with each and every phone call, even if it’s just one man behind the curtain? Then start considering a cloud communications application like Cloud Phone, provided by Voxox. 


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