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Cloud-Based Phone Service for a Better Bottom-Line

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:40:05 AM

According to a study by Siemens Enterprise Communications, a business could lose more than $5,000 per worker, per year due to decreased productivity related to time spent attempting to, but not reaching colleagues to collaborate. The numbers climb even higher when accounting for other communication barriers. These financial burdens can be alleviated by using an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-based phone service like Cloud Phone by Voxox.

Business Cloud Based Phone

Photo Courtesy of flickr User Jyri Engestrom
Before we go into how a cloud-based phone service can improve your communications and increase your business’ bottom-line, let’s see exactly why businesses have been struggling to communicate (according to the study above) :

  • Nearly 60% of SMBs do not have a unified communications solution.
  • Employees use communications technology in six different areas: PBX, instant messaging, conference calling, videoconferencing, contact center and faxing.
  • Increasing mobility of the workforce is putting a strain on traditional business communications; nearly half of today's global employees are considered mobile workers, including 35% in the U.S.

With communications flying in all different directions, it’s no wonder businesses and their employees are struggling to stay in touch! But there's more. In addition to the above mentioned communication qualms, these five communications pain points are hitting SMBs the hardest:

  1. Waiting for information (the time it takes to reach someone to pass along information or get an answer)
  2. Unwanted communications
  3. Inefficient coordination
  4. Barriers to collaboration
  5. Barriers to customer grievances

If your business is experiencing any of these pain points, you know just how adversely communication blunders can affect your productivity and how hard effective communication can be when you don’t have the right systems in place. To get your business on the right track, here are a few ways Cloud Phone services can provide an effective and efficient communication system within your organization so your business can stop wasting money on communication mishaps!
Connect From Any Device
Say adios to waiting around for information, because Cloud Phone can enable employees to connect seamlessly on almost any device (even the smartphone they already have!) and collaborate effectively no matter where they are. Ideal for businesses with team members around the globe or just down the street, companies with mobile services, on-call employees and freelancers can reap the benefits as well!  
Break Communication Barriers
Some cloud-based phone services offer a single number for all your business voice, fax, and text messages, which makes receiving and responding to messages is easier and more efficient than ever. Major communication errors like unwanted communications, inefficient coordination and barriers to collaboration and customer grievances caused by disconnected networks (text, call, IM, etc.) are no longer a problem once your team is connected with a unified cloud-based phone service.
Professional Calling Features
Enjoy professional calling features such as conference calls, Virtual Assistant, multiple extensions, call-forwarding, voicemail and voicemail transcription, custom on-hold music, video calls, language translation online meetings and a few more that will make you stand out among the competition.
Easy Set-Up and Management
Unlike traditional business phone systems, some cloud-based phones can be set up in as little as 30 seconds. Plus, there's no complicated, expensive hardware to buy. All you need to get started is download a cloud-based phone service, like Cloud Phone, to your phone and the rest is a breeze! Plus, with the ability to monitor and manage your call settings right from your smartphone, you’re always in control of your business’ communications.
Look for No Set-Up Cost and Low Monthly Fee
Not only will you be recouping lost revenue thanks to your improved communications, Cloud Phone service comes with no hefty set-up fee and will also save you big bucks on your monthly phone bill.   
These are just a few ways switching to cloud service can alleviate communication pain points and dramatically transform communication at your business. If you are interested in learning more ways to improve your company communication, check out our other cloud-based phone resources and be sure to send any questions our way!
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