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Don't Juggle Multiple Phones, Get a Small Business Virtual Phone System

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:44:18 AM

Are your pockets heavy? Are your pocketbook strings tethered from all the equipment you are toting around? Does a typical dinner out involve your three cell phones sitting next to your flatware? Ah… the trials and tribulations of being a one-man business.


The fact is that today’s budding entrepreneurs are forced to do more with less. They wear the sales, marketing and operations hats—in addition to the CEO cap. Moreover, they tend to technical support problems in addition to investor meetings. And the only way they can manage all of this is with three or four phones on hand.

Trying to figure out how you can get down to just one phone? Then say hello to Cloud Phone, your small business virtual phone system. Let’s take a closer look at what Cloud Phone offers:

  • Scalability: Today you may be a one-person show, but three months from now you may have four individuals on payroll. Instead of paying for extra seats every time you scale—or for multiple phones—choose a small business virtual phone system that scales with you. With Basic, Plus and Pro plans, Cloud Phone allows you to easily add users to your system.

  • Value-Add: Your personal iPhone may be great when it comes to Siri and apps, but you need a phone for your business that has enterprise-class features and capabilities. Cloud Phone allows you to compete aggressively with the big boys in your space with its plethora of value-adds. Features include instant conference calling, voicemail-to-email notification and professional call greetings, among others.

  • Cost Savings: Keeping up with several phones is not only a nuisance; it can be a budgetary nightmare. With Cloud Phone, your fledgling company can enjoy initial and ongoing cost savings because your phone system is operated and maintained by Voxox, creators of Cloud Phone. This means you can say goodbye to upfront investments and repair and maintenance costs. You can also say goodbye to that hassle of managing multiple phones (which also affects your bottom line).

So… you ready to head to the trash can? Simplicity and affordability await!


Topics: Cloud Phone, Small Business Productivity