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Embracing Change with a Small Business Virtual Phone

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:25:28 AM

The one constant in a global marketplace is change. But business owners need not be afraid of it. 

Maybe no area is more subject to innovation and fluctuation than the communications space. Exponential improvements in technology and connectivity challenge even the most motivated business owners to keep pace. If you hesitate to adopt new business tools, you start to fall behind.

Say you have successful, long-standing delivery business. You are known around town and have worked hard to establish your reputation. But the advent of the internet and the onset of competition have increased your need for on-the-go capabilities and better tracking mechanisms to keep up with customer demand. Your legacy phone system simply won’t cut it. But with a cloud-based virtual phone service, you can put the answer to your problems in the palm of your hand.

Girl Using Virtual Phone

Small business virtual phone technology gives you all the perks of legacy phone systems with none of the hassle. Consider some of the benefits:

  • Auto Attendant: Never miss a message and have your calls and messages routed to the appropriate department automatically. This feature offers the highest levels of personalization and cuts out human error.
  • Voicemail-to-Email Notification: If you’re on the road or in a meeting, you’ll never miss that important call. Monitor your voicemails anywhere at any time.
  • Instant Conference Calling: Lets you connect with multiple colleagues or customers from anywhere at any time.

For all these perks, the best feature of small business virtual phones may be their price. Instead of expensive maintenance or replacement issues associated with legacy phone systems, the service is supported entirely by a third-party host and delivered wirelessly.

So even if changing your communications system seems like a frightening proposition, chances are it won’t be long before you’re smiling ear-to-ear.


Topics: Voice Communication, Auto Attendant, Small Business Productivity