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Four Professionals that Need Cloud Phone Now

Posted by Ian LeWinter

May 10, 2018 10:41:02 AM

If you’ve been checking in with us here at Voxox recently you may already have read about how our new application, Cloud Phone, can help small business owners do more efficient mobile work. Now we’d like to provide some real-world examples of professionals that could use a cloud-based phone service and the advantages it delivers. Here are four examples of on-the-go business pros and how Cloud Phone can transform their businesses. 


Bob the handyman

Bob is a genuine Mr. Fix-It who does everything from cleaning gutters to fixing furnaces. He also spends a lot of time traveling from home to home, meaning he can’t always answer his phone when a client or prospect calls. No prob Bob, because with Cloud Phone you can configure a professional greeting and present a professional image to customers.

Carla the computer technician

Like Bob, Carla is in business for herself but often collaborates with companies to help them set up their systems. She works out of a home office, but with a virtual phone system no one will be able to tell. If she decides to make a new hire as the business grows she can add extensions quickly and easily, all from the Web.

Doug the real estate agent

Self-employed real estate agents often struggle to find the time to sit down let alone set up an office desk and make phone calls. Doug needs to be reachable anywhere, but giving out his mobile number makes him seem a little small time. Not to worry, because with Cloud Phone, Doug can turn his cell phone into a business-dedicated phone in less than a minute.

Kristen the developer

Kristen has been working for months on a concept revolutionary new app. Now all she needs to do is secure a little seed money for development and advertising and she’s on her way. With the volume of calls she needs to make during her company’s infancy, however, installing and maintaining an on-premises phone system is simply too expensive. With Cloud Phone, however, she’ll pay a low monthly rate and be on the cover of every tech magazine in America in no time at all.

Have your own story to tell? Let us know in the comment section.