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Getting Graphic: How a Small Business Phone System Benefits Designers

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:49:51 AM

As a successful freelance graphic designer, you’ve relied on your creativity and freedom of expression to build a solid customer base. Maybe you like to work on the train, from a home office or in a coffee shop. Regardless, of your work location the end result is always a beautiful design your customers love.


Photo Courtesy Flickr User Paul

As your business begins to expand, your needs also start to change. For instance, you don’t feel comfortable giving some of the newer, bigger clients your personal mobile number for fear of appearing unprofessional. As your client base grows, you also are doing more traveling to meetings in other parts of the country.

Maybe you are even considering bringing on an employee or two, perhaps for billing or other administrative tasks. You are a little concerned, however, about extending your communications capabilities on what is still a relatively tight budget. Cloud Phone, is the perfect solution for any type of growing business. Cloud Phone turns your mobile phone into a small business phone system with all the bells and whistles.

A modern cloud-based phone service will help you to obtain a business-specific phone number that rings directly to your cell phone, meaning you no longer have to give out your personal number. If you hire new employees, the system lets you set up extensions for those workers which also rings directly to their mobile phones.

Cloud Phone has an easy to use web interface that lets you set up a customized company greeting simply by accessing your settings through the web interface and typing the message into a text box. You’ll no longer have to worry about what customers are hearing when they call and you can’t answer because you’re doing business “on the go.” If you’re worried about installation or maintenance costs, don’t be: The system is maintained in the cloud by Voxox, meaning setup and upkeep expenses are nil.

As you continue to grow your business, keep an eye on the technological tools that can make life and business easier for you. We may not have your talent for design, but hopefully we’ve made life a little easier and even helped to create a bright picture for your future.


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