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Getting Through the Days of Summer with a Small Business Phone System

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:37:50 AM

Between warm weather, baseball games and the-late setting sun, summer is a season for fun. But during the work week, sitting at your desk day after day looking at the beautiful weather outside can seem like torture.

You’ve thought about breaking up your work routine to make this summer more exciting but you don’t know how your small business would run without you in the office. And that is why you need a small business phone system.

 A cloud-based phone service designed for small businesses lets you effortlessly manage all your communications entirely from your mobile phone, making it easier, less costly, and more efficient to do to business on-the-go. This kind of phone system allows you a little flexibility to your summerby letting you meet with clients out of the office, attend a trade show or anything else that piques your interest. 

Summer Sunset at Beach

A small business phone system also offers the features and functionality of an enterprise service, such as:

  • An auto attendant that greets callers professionally and presents them with menu options
  • Reach Me Anywhere technology that connects incoming business calls to any location you choose, on any device
  • Voicemail transcription that turns voice messages into text that can be read when listening is not an option
  • Instant conference calling, so even when you’re out of the office, it will be like you never left
  • A business-specific number that you can give to clients and customers instead of your personal number

So consider deploying a small business phone service and introduce a little variety to your summer—nobody wants to be stuck in the dog days for months on end. 


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