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How a Local Small Business Virtual Phone Number Equals Customers

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:44:11 AM

Competition in today’s global marketplace is fierce, and your customers are constantly bombarded with affordable alternatives to your product or service. Their attention is fragmented and that means retention is increasingly difficult.

This problem has a surprisingly easy solution: a small business virtual phone number. Through solutions like Voxox’s Cloud Phone, a local phone number puts your customers at ease and makes it easier for you to gain their loyalty.

If you’re worried about someone being there to answer that number or take the appropriate message, don’t be. Not only do tools like Cloud Phone offer that small business virtual phone number, they also offer services that help you manage it, like:

Small Business Virtual Phone

  • Customizable voicemail: professional-level greetings offer the highest level of personalization, allowing your business’ character to shine through
  • Auto attendant: no message will go unanswered, and will always be routed to the appropriate business partner
  • Voicemail transcription: even in a crowded room or a busy meeting, business owners will remain in touch with their clients

This kind of sophisticated, comprehensive solution can help you build trust with your customers. Trust, in a crowded and fragmented marketplace, may be the number one commodity that keeps your customers coming back.

Cost is another benefit you’ll be able to pass along to your customers after adopting a small business virtual phone number. With a low monthly service fee that covers all of Cloud Phone’s services, business owners can drop expensive legacy phone fees from their books and pass those savings to customers—and everyone loves savings.