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How A Virtual Office Phone System Improves Customer Loyalty

Posted by John Lee

May 10, 2018 10:41:37 AM

According to Gartner Group statistics, as much as 80% of your company’s future revenue come from existing customers. That's a huge to reason to invest in ways to boost customer loyalty and retention. By building the reputation of your business as trustworthy and reliable, customers will be more likely to go with your company over a competitor. Projecting a big business image helps build buyer confidence and a simple to use virtual office phone system is a “must have” if you plan to reap the advantages of an improved professional business repuation. 

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Customers want to go with a company that they trust, and with a virtual phone service, your business will provide greater reliability. With advanced call routing and customized menu options that make it easier for callers to reach you, your business will enjoy improved customer retention and loyalty. 

Enabling call routing forwards calls to any number simultaneously or in order so that customers can get a hold of you, every time. By being responsive, your customers will be able to get the help they need, and with ease. You and your team can even be working remotely and still take care of your customers without any hassle.  

A professional automated greeting gives your customers the feeling of security through professionalism. The automated greeting is the first impression your customers get of your company and needs to convey professionalism while efficiently directing them to the appropriate department or extension. Nothing is more frustrating then a call that goes unanswered.  Answering inbound callers promptly and effectively gives them a sense of trustworthiness and that their issues are being addressed.

With the myriad of benefits that improving customer engagement, employing a virtual office phone system is one of the best decisions you can make. The right business phone system comes equipped with a variety of features designed to suit the needs of any business, regardless of company size or industry. Cloud Phone lets you can manage all of your business communications through the convenience of your mobile device. To learn more about how Cloud Phone can increase customer loyalty, leave a comment here or on our social media channels –  FacebookTwitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.


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