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How a Virtual Phone System Could Give Your Etsy Business a Professional Presence

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:29:08 AM

ou're thinking about starting an Etsy business and one of the things you will need is a phone system. But, your team works from home− knitting scarves, making necklaces, crafting anything and everything− or you are a one person operation. For you, it just doesn't make sense to buy a traditional phone system so instead you’re considering getting a virtual phone system.


What is a virtual phone system and what does it mean for you? A virtual phone system is a phone system that's entirely in the cloud - you get a dedicated business number and many powerful business-grade telephony features that are associated with it, but no hardware. All you need is your own existing mobile phone (or any phone, really!) − no special skills, or other equipment necessary! All calls to your virtual number (a.k.a. your dedicated business phone line) are directed to your mobile phone, and/or any other phone(s) of your choice, and can help your business convey a professional image, while staying connected and organized. 


Here are some features you’ll love: 

One central number that routes to different departments (customer service, sales, billing, etc.). Even if you don't actually have different departments, but your store carries multiple products, or you have multiple stores on Etsy, or several employees who handle different aspects of the business, it is convenient for you and your customers to have a central and clearly organized hub for communication. When your Etsy customers call about anything associated with your products, not only will they be directed to the correct line, allowing you and your team to address the inquiry quickly, but they will also get the impression you are a professional, booming business!  

Voicemail transcription helps you keep customer messages organized. If you’re a musician or a potter (or perhaps someone who manages an Etsy store as a side business to a day job) you know that answering the phone isn’t always possible – plus who wants clay all over their device?! So, rather than going through all your messages and listening for specific requests and call back numbers, voicemail transcription automatically creates text and email messages that you can easily read and reference.

Professional greetings give your business legitimacy. No matter what kind of store you own or how long you have been in business, customers receiving your professional voicemail message will have more trust in your operation. Customization also lets you change the message whenever you’d like, allowing you to brand your business and keep your customers up to date on important information – holidays, when you’re on vacation, if certain products are out of stock, etc.

Instant set-up means that once you decide you want a virtual phone system, you can set it up in minutes. There’s no need for professional help or maintenance, so your phone line will never be down, and your customers will never be without support. 

Scalability allows you to add lines or remove lines as your team changes − paying for only what you need and keeping your overhead low. This is the perfect solution for seasonal Etsy business like a Christmas décor store or a jewelry maker that brings extra team members on to help handle skyrocketing sales for Valentine’s Day.

Mobility lets you and your team to work from anywhere while still staying connected. If you want to go on vacation, relocate your business or hire a team member on the other side of the country, a virtual phone system has the functionality to accommodate all your moves without a hitch.

With all the professional perks and cost savings that come with a virtual phone system, your business (and wallet) can’t afford not to try it out. Give your Etsy home business a big business image with a virtual phone system and be sure to let us know how much you love it!  


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