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Living the Life of a Traveling Salesman? A Cloud Phone System Is The Way to Go

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:27:34 AM

Do you find yourself in a perpetual state of packing and unpacking? Is your personal theme song the Allman Brothers’ classic road anthem “Ramblin' Man?” Do you think of your bedroom at home as more of a pit stop than a destination? If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these questions, congratulations, you are living the life of a traveling salesman.


As the proud owner of a small company, business takes you to places far and wide as you pitch your product and network with contacts. This month it’s meetings in Chicago and Philadelphia, next month trade shows in Las Vegas and New York; the bottom line is you’re always on the go. But as you hop around, you may find yourself worrying about missing important emails or calls from potential clients or partners. Well fortunately, a cloud phone system designed specifically for small businesses can alleviate your worries and get you on the road to a thriving business.

In 60 seconds or less you can set up a virtual, cloud-based phone system that turns your cell phone into an enterprise-level solution. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to use call conferencing or voicemail to email to set up extensions for other employees; all you need is a mobile phone number. You also get your own company-specific number, meaning you no longer have to give out your personal contact information to every potential contact you meet.

So if your natural habitat is a hotel room and you’re looking for growth that moves at your pace, consider adopting technology that gives you the power of an enterprise phone system without the major hassle and expense.


Topics: Cloud Phone, Mobile Productivity