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Making Virtualization a Reality with Cloud Phone

Posted by Ian LeWinter

May 10, 2018 10:15:04 AM

For those small business owners not already familiar with the term, a small business virtual phone might seem like a daunting concept. Is it some kind of Sci-Fi device that allows you to make a call simply by thinking about it? Maybe it’s a holographic design that lets you dial from thin air. The truth, on many levels, is far simpler.


A virtual phone system simply delivers all the features and functionality of a traditional PBX without the hardware and wiring. In other words, you get a business-specific number and can set up extensions, greetings and customized away messages using only your mobile phone. The entire system is preconfigured and maintained in the cloud, delivered entirely over the Internet.

At this point maybe you are thinking the idea of a virtual phone isn’t so complicated after all. Still, actually getting this kind of technology up and running must be a job for only the most tech savvy individuals. But in fact, you can get your own business-specific number in less than a minute just by typing in your existing cell number. From there, customizing your settings is quick and easy. In almost no time at all you make your small or microbusiness look like a Fortune 500 juggernaut.

Now that the issues of fully comprehending and implementing a virtual phone system are understood, you may still be left with the sneaking suspicion that it is way out of your price range. Conversely,  in many cases these products are designed specifically with small businesses in mind, meaning prices are quite reasonable

Now that you have all the facts, switching to a virtual phone system like Cloud Phone probably seems far more doable. Good! Because you’ll find that as soon as you decide to take action you can make virtualization a reality.


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