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Opening a Retail Store? It's time to get a Virtual Number

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:39:08 AM

Opening a retail store comes with a lot of overhead. You need to stock the shelves, buy or rent a space and depending on your size, maybe even hire a couple of employees. One thing you don't need to do is spend a fortune on a business phone system. A virtual phone system is an inexpensive option for small business owners who want all the perks and features of an enterprise grade phone system, without all the extra equipment and high costs. 


Retail shop.jpeg


Virtual phone systems offer virtual numbers, which connect with the devices you and your employees already own, so no matter where you are, you can always be connected and ready to help a client. The virtual number you choose for your business simply rings to your cell and can reach you directly or be sent to your auto attendant. You can also take control and customize your menu and setting options to help your team stay organized and efficient.

Now that you know what a virtual phone system is and how to get a virtual number, here are a few ways you can put this to use at your retail store:

1. Designate Departments on Your Caller Menu

Say you're a two-or-three-person shop, but want to give the appearance of a larger operation – a virtual phone system can do that just. With a customizable menu, you can create departments within your store for callers to connect with. Press 1 for sales, 2 for custom fittings and 3 for alterations, for example. Not only does this give you a large-scale professional feel, it will also give you and your employees a heads-up on why the person is calling!

2. Use a Toll Free or Local Number (or both!)

Whether you're strictly an online boutique or want to make a name for yourself in the local market, a virtual phone system has you covered. With the option to have a local or toll free number, or both, ring to the same location you can showcase your business anyway you wish. Toll free numbers are great to post on websites, while local numbers may work best in a local advertisement or on your store front.

3. Provide Stellar Customer Service via Text

Many fashion boutiques and retail stores offer exclusive styling sessions for customers who want that perfect look. Many virtual phone systems, like CloudPhone, provide two-way SMS from your business number, allowing you to schedule appointments or even give advice on an outfit to a VIP client. You could also give text alerts to clients when that “must-have” piece is back in stock!

4. Create a Custom Shop Greeting

Your store has its own unique vibe, so it’s only right that your business’ phone presence shares that image with every caller. Virtual phone systems come with an auto-attendant or a virtual receptionist. Whether you can answer the phone or not, let your auto attendant pick up the phone and greet your callers with a branded message that reflects your store's personality.

5. Start Small, and Grow Your Plan

As a new business owner you want to save money anywhere you can. With some virtual PBX services (like Voxox Cloud Phone!), you can grow your plan with your business – no need to pay for anything you're not using. As you bring on new employees, just add a line with the touch of a button. It's that simple.

If you’re still trying to decide which virtual phone system to choose, check out our feature rich platform. It takes just a few minutes to set up – leaving you with more time to add the latest inventory to your boutique website and shine the pumps in your new storefront window.

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