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Report Forecasts Strong Cloud-Based Phone Service Growth Through 2018

Posted by Ian LeWinter

May 10, 2018 10:34:07 AM

All signs indicate that the mobile forecast for the next few years is cloudy and getting cloudier. According to a recent Cisco study, we’re looking at an 11-fold increase in mobile cloud traffic by 2018. And cloud applications will account for 90 percent of mobile data by that same year. Business leaders everywhere are embracing cloud technology and trusting it to facilitate an increasing number of essential services 


So, what’s all the fuss about cloud technology? For starters, the cloud is incredibly easy to install and maintain. An enterprise might have several apps and thousands of end users spread across the globe. Apps need to be updated and installed on mobile devices—and this can easily be accomplished right in one location and distributed to remote employees or customers.

The cloud is also cost effective. Without the cloud, a company has to pay for the necessary licenses for each end user in order to grant access to software. But with cloud technology a company can purchase licenses on an as needed, per usage basis. This number can be easily scaled when needed to accommodate sudden spikes or lulls in business.

Cloud communications are of course a big driver of mobile cloud traffic growth as remote working picks up speed and home offices become increasingly common. Cloud-based phone services are ideal for these mobile and remote workers, creating a seamless transition from traditional brick-and-mortar environments to effective collaboration from almost anywhere.

 The bottom line is that for a host of reasons, mobile cloud data traffic is booming with no end in sight. Are you ready to get your head in the cloud?


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