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Three Ways Cloud Communications Saves Your Business Money

Posted by Ron Kinkade

May 10, 2018 10:21:17 AM

As a small business owner keeping a close eye on your company’s fiscal health is a fact of life. With a limited budget, your ability to turn a profit rests heavily upon how well you allocate your resources.

With the advent of cloud communications, small business owners are increasingly turning away from legacy PBX systems to realize major savings. A cloud-based phone system provides big business features like an auto attendant, voicemail transcription, virtual extensions and voicemail-to-email notification through a web-based service—all without breaking the bank.

Here are a few of the primary ways you can save your company some hard-earned cash:

Saving Business Money

No Installation Fees

Deploying a traditional wire-based system typically requires an on-site visit from a technician. By the time equipment and labor costs are totaled, phone service installations tend to get costly. With cloud communications, however, there is no hardware involved. Without hardware there is no technician visit and without the visit, there is no hefty bill.

Third-party maintenance

In much the same way that cloud communications help you avoid installation fees, the lack of on-premises equipment also wipes out upkeep costs. The vendor takes care of maintaining the system so you can worry about growing your critical business processes.

One small monthly bill

Legacy phone systems can be rife with hidden charges and add-ons. But with a best-in-class cloud communications application you get one bill each month for your service with no surprises or tricks. In other words, you can stop opening your phone bill with fear in your heart. 

Running a small business is never easy, but throwing away money on expensive legacy phone systems makes it harder than it has to be. So take a closer look at cloud communications begin your journey towards major savings right away!


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