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Why a Small Business Phone Service is a Perfect Fit for a Home Office

Posted by CloudPhone Team

May 10, 2018 10:11:22 AM

Do you operate your business from the comfort of a home office? Well, you are certainly far from alone. According to Forbes 52 percent of all small businesses are home-based, which makes sense given the economic advantages. As you know, working at home saves money on office space and travel while simultaneously providing great work/life balance. 


But even if your home-based business is thriving, you may still be encountering some age-old problems associated with home offices. For instance, what phone number do you give out to customers? If it’s your landline, you risk one of your kids pick up the phone—presenting a slightly less than professional image—or worse, somebody in your family answering a call while you’re out and forgetting to give you the message. Giving out your mobile number might be a better option, but giving customer a personal can also leave you looking small-time.

Fortunately, there is another option—a small business phone service. Leveraging this technology, you can use your mobile number to get a business-specific line that rings to your existing mobile device so worrying about projecting the wrong image or missing important messages from customers becomes a thing of the past.

These systems also provide auto attendants and extensions so that even when you can’t answer a call your home office presents the customer with the feeling that they’ve reached a corporate headquarters in midtown Manhattan. Last but not least, best-in-class virtual phone systems are not merely designed for small businesses—they are priced for them as well.

 So whether you are considering switching your business to a home office or looking to improve operations for an existing one know that there are technological solutions out there designed to make your life easier. After all, there’s still no place like home. 


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