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Why A Virtual Phone System Is Exactly What Box Subscription Businesses Need

Posted by Erica Berry

May 10, 2018 10:28:12 AM

Monthly box subscription companies are a perfect option for those looking to give a gift or participate in some self-indulgence. They’re convenient, fun and often offer exclusive products at significant discounts – and the demand is high! It’s no wonder box subscriptions companies are popping up to cater to an array of different demographics and interests.

But, with these box subscription businesses booming, how do the people behind them keep up with customer feedback, complaints and inquires? By building strong communication channels between themselves and their customers – including a professional, yet easy to manage, business voice presence.

For box subscription services that don't have a physical office location, a virtual phone system may be the most cost effective voice presence solution. Virtual phone systems offer a ton of features that a small business with a disbursed or traveling workforce may need to effectively and efficiently communicate with customers. Here are some examples:

  1. Customizable greetings allow you to brand your voice presence just as you would your packaging and website. If your box subscription service is called “MeowBox” and is targeted toward millennial cat owners, having a fun greeting incorporating your brand name might be just what you need to secure brand loyalty or persuade a new customer to buy. Customization with a virtual phone service is typically easy to manage so you can change your message as often as you would like, allowing you to test out different messages and keep customers up to date on important information – if certain products are out of stock, wait time on responses, etc.
  2. Mobility means you can take your business phone anywhere. If you’re at a trade show looking for new items for your next box and your business partner is out of town, or if you have team members dispersed across the country, you can all stay in touch with customers conveniently from the smart phones you already own.
  3. Menu options and caller directories let incoming callers choose who they want to talk to. Whether you and your team (or maybe just you), are together in a room or spread across the country, callers can choose which department – billing, sales, product information, package tracking, etc. – they want to talk to. Not only does this give your business a bigger feel, but it lets you organize calls and get the caller to the right person quickly.
  4. Voicemail transcription is a no brainer for a box subscription business. If you’re busy stuffing boxes and trying out potential products, do you really have the time or hands to take notes while listening to a voicemail? Probably not. Voicemail transcription takes the words down for you so you can easily read, save, respond or forward any messages you get.
  5. Easy set up allows you to sign up for a virtual phone system and have it working within minutes. Some virtual phone services are easier to set up than others, but pretty much all are easier than setting up equipment for a traditional phone system. Plus, since the phone system works virtually, you never have to worry about the headaches and costs of maintenance.
  6. Scalability lets you add and subtract lines as your demand changes. During holiday seasons, as subscriptions and gift box orders rise, adding a few extensions or virtual numbers for seasonal help will ensure you always have the services you need, at a price that fits your current situation.

If your business’ phone presence can’t deliver on all these features, then it’s time to think outside the box (pun intended) and sign up for a virtual phone system. We can have you making calls in just 3 steps – get started now


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