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How to Get the Most Out of Your Hosted PBX Phone System

Posted by John Lee on Nov 16, 2015

VoIP phone systems have been nothing short of revolutionary as to how businesses communicate on a day-to-day basis. With more scalability and functionality than ever before, you have more features available to help connect with customers and team members. So how can you get the most out of your business phone system? Here are a few important things any small business owner should consider when evaluating their business communication. If you are not receiving all these benefits, it might be time for a change.

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Topics: SMB, Hosted PBX, Business, Voxox office

How Hosted PBX Helps You Face Communication Challenges and a Shrinking Budget

Posted by John Lee on Nov 06, 2015

When it comes to business communication, efficiency and clarity is paramount. It could make or break a company’s image and reputation. That's why it’s crucial to have the best phone solution in place to make sure customers can reach your business. It's never easy to change your phone systems from one to another, especially after using the same one for years. However, making the switch to hosted PBX is the best move you can make to solve your business communication challenges while faced with an ever-shrinking budget.

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Topics: SMB, Hosted PBX, Business, Voxox office

Halloween Spooktacular at the Voxox Village!

Posted by John Lee on Oct 30, 2015

Happy Halloween from the folks over at Voxox! We had a Ghoulish Delight potluck and best costume contest to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year. Here's some of the pics! 

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Topics: Voxox, Voxox Corporate

Staying Ahead of The Competition With Hosted PBX

Posted by John Lee on Oct 23, 2015

Whether your business is a young startup or an established company, it could always benefit from a competitive edge. Having the right communication solution could be a huge advantage and help you get the leg up over the opposition. As cost savings go, a hosted PBX plan reduces the cost of office-to-office calls to virtually nothing, and calling rates to outside lines are lower as well. If you haven't decided yet to go with a hosted VoIP phone system, it's not too late. Here's why making the switch today could be a huge benefit to your business: 

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Topics: SMB, Hosted PBX, Business, Voxox office

Q&A With Our VP of Customer Experience,Tim Schuh

Posted by John Lee on Oct 14, 2015

With the launch of our latest hosted PBX and SIP trunk offering, Voxox Office, there has been a lot of internal restructuring. One thing that has remained consistent however, is our dedication and commitment to providing the best quality service for our customers. Our VP of Customer Experience, Tim Schuh, has been with Voxox for almost 3 years and manages our team of rockstar support agents. Here are 4 question with Tim on some of the support that goes the backend for Voxox Office.

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Topics: SMB, Business, Voxox office

Voxox Double Down: Our Biggest Sales Promotion Ever!

Posted by John Lee on Sep 25, 2015

Last week, the Voxox team launched our latest hosted PBX and SIP trunk offering, Voxox Office at Cloud Partners in Boston. To go along with the service release, we announced our biggest promotion ever, Voxox Double Down.

We wanted to give our partners a huge incentive that matches our amazing new product and this promo exceeds all expectations. Partners now have an opportunity to earn some serious money by doubling their commission!

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Voxox CMO Tristan Barnum to Speak on Cloud Partners Panel in Boston!

Posted by John Lee on Sep 09, 2015

The Voxox team is heading to Boston on Sept 16-18 for Cloud Partners - one of the premier events centered on cloud-based services and the channel!

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Topics: Voice Communication, Company Announcements, Events, SMB

Business VoIP: The Solution to Growing Your Small Business

Posted by John Lee on Aug 26, 2015

As the world becomes increasingly more connected, having a dependable line of communication has become essential to running a successful business. Businesses now have a greater reach and growth potential than ever before, and this presents a bigger challenge to staying connected. With the developments in VoIP technology, facilitating day-to-day operations and potential growth opportunities is made possible, even if you have customers and workers across the country. 

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Topics: Voice Communication, Telecommunication Trends, Voxox, VoIP, SMB

How Unified Communications & Millennials Are Reshaping The Workplace

Posted by John Lee on Aug 12, 2015

More businesses are adopting unified communications (UC) in an effort to transform the workplace. Instead of juggling multiple communications tools, UC integrates all lines of communication so that businesses can further streamline their operations and better their bottom line. One of the biggest influencing factors in UC implementation is the growing number of Millennials joining the workforce. Millennials now make up the largest generation in the US workforce and the workplace is evolving as a result.

Here's how Millennials are influencing Unified Communications and reshaping the way we do business...

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Topics: Communication, Telecommunication Trends, VoIP, Business

The Many Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Employees

Posted by John Lee on Aug 05, 2015

When it comes to the benefits of a business VoIP solution for you company, it’s easy to get caught up on the savings. Streamlining data and voice together saves you more money than traditional telephone systems but in addition to the low costs, a VoIP solution offers a tremendous boost to your team. 

Here's how VoIP helps create a more productive and collaborative workforce:

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Topics: Voice Communication, Telecommunication Trends, VoIP, SMB, Business