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11 Effective Real Estate Text Message Scripts

11 Effective Real Estate Text Message Scripts Direct texting and mass text messages in the real estate industry have been making much more sense ever since last year. It gives you a chance to speak directly to your current and potential clients....

4 minute read

How to Get More Real Estate Clients: 23 Tips and Insights

23 Tips for Getting More Real Estate Clients If you are a real estate agent then you know just how tough it is to manage incoming/outgoing calls and...

8 minute read

14 Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Real Estate Business

In this guide, we share some insanely good tips from top real estate professionals about how to use real estate SMS message marketing to grow your...

16 minute read

How to Effectively Use Virtual Numbers for Summer Deals and Specials

Summer is here and you know what that means—summer sales and discounts! Businesses big and small run deals to get customers in the door (sometimes...

1 minute read

9 Industries That Can Truly Benefit From Text Message Marketing

The incredible benefits of text message marketing are clear. From a whopping 98% open rate to a 209% higher response rate, text message marketing...

6 minute read

The Top 9 Industries That Should Utilize VoxDirect’s Business Phone System for Success

Even as we become more digital, we still rely on the phone to talk to customers, connect with team members, and conduct day-to-day business....

6 minute read

5 Ways To Turn Holiday Returns Into Repeat Business

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday can mean stellar sales for your small business, returns are still seen as a sore point for entrepreneurs and...

2 minute read