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2020, Here We Come!

Posted by Natasha Grach on Dec 31, 2019


Wishing all of our clients and partners a fantastic and productive 2020! 

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Don't Get Blocked for Text Messaging Missteps

Posted by Natasha Grach on Sep 03, 2019

As a small business owner, you've tried sales and marketing tactic in the book to reach your customers and increase sales, but SMS marketing is by far the most effective when it comes to actually getting their attention. It's cheaper, has a wider reach, and reaps a higher open and response rate than many other conventional marketing channels. If you’re looking to gain an edge over the competition, creating a text message marketing campaign should be at the top of your list!

However, since your business texts will be interspersed with your clients' personal texts, you have to be extremely mindful of not annoying them with irrelevant or unimportant messages. SMS etiquette is key here, as you don't want to get blocked for text messaging missteps!

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Topics: Text Communication, SMB, Texting

How to Effectively Use Virtual Numbers for Summer Deals and Specials

Posted by Erica Berry on Jun 06, 2019

Summer is here and you know what that means—summer sales and discounts! Businesses big and small run deals to get customers in the door (sometimes figuratively speaking) and virtual phone numbers are a fantastic way to attract attention, boost sales AND track sale effectiveness.

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Topics: Phone Number, Virtual Phone System, Toll Free Number, virtual numbers

5 Ways Your Business Can Commit to Going Green This Earth Day

Posted by Erica Berry on Apr 18, 2019

Earth Day is right around the corner, and each year more than 1 billion people from across the globe participate in the celebration. Founded in 1970, Earth Day has inspired a world-wide call for action and change in protecting our environment. From donating money, to investing your time and spreading the word throughout your networks–there are endless opportunities to give back to the planet we call home, including through your business!

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Topics: Small Business Productivity

Q&A with Debi Yphantides, VP Wholesale Sales, Voxox

Posted by Natasha Grach on Dec 12, 2018


We sat down with our new VP of Wholesale Sales, Debi Yphantides, to get a few nuggets of wisdom..


Q: What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

A: Event networking is an important way for us to keep in touch with clients as well as meeting with vendors and new prospects. In 2018, the Voxox wholesale team attended ITW, Channel Partners, LA Mobile World Congress, InCompass, World Telemedia Spain, and Capacity Messaging & SMS London. We are considering some of these for 2019, and have plans to attend IT Expo in Florida and ITW in Atlanta.

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Topics: Wholesale

Voxox Announces Appointment of Debi Yphantides as VP of Wholesale Sales

Posted by Natasha Grach on Dec 11, 2018


We're excited to introduce you to our latest addition to the Voxox management team -- Debi Yphanties, our new VP of Wholesale Sales. Check out her story in the press release about Debi's appointment (below) and tune in tomorrow for a follow-up post with a short Q&A with Debi about her vision for wholesale sales leadership in 2019.

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Topics: Wholesale

Telenor's Digi, Leading Malaysian Carrier, Launches Omni Hotline, Powered by Voxox

Posted by Natasha Grach on Aug 07, 2018

Voxox just announced its partnership with leading Malaysian carrier Digi Telecommunications, which serves 11.7 million Malaysian customers, providing mobile connectivity and internet services. Digi is part of the Telenor Group, one of the world's largest telecommunications providers. In addition to today's partnership announcement, Voxox has also announced the duo's first offering together. As part of the agreement, Digi is white labeling Voxox Cloud Phone and is now offering the service in Malaysia under the brand Omni Hotline, complete with Malaysian telephone numbers. This is the first implementation of Voxox Cloud Phone with a foreign carrier.

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Topics: Company Announcements, OTT, Partner

Voxox Office Tip: Transferring Your Business Number to Voxox

Posted by Angel Ramos on Sep 20, 2017

If you’ve ever moved your main business phone number from one provider to another, you are probably asking yourself a couple questions like this:

It only takes an hour to move my mobile number from the red provider to the yellow guys but it takes eight years it seems with my business number. Why is that even a thing?

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Topics: Business, Phone Number

The future of hosted: takeaways from the 4th Annual GTS Open House

Posted by Tad Nikolich on Aug 01, 2017

The Voxox team is reveling in the killer conversations we had at the 4th Annual Global Telecom Solutions Open House recently. Mostly we can't stop talking about the expert panel GTS hosted during the one day event. Voxox was among only four companies represented on the event's industry experts panel. We shared the stage alongside US Signal, 123NetInc and vMOX. We thought we would share some of our takeaways from the panel, as they are timely to many conversations happening right now in channel partner and telecom circles. Both as it relates to hosted PBX and the larger arena of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

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Topics: Hosted PBX, UCaaS, channel partners

Voxox Includes Outbound Calling to Mexico within All Bundled Cloud Phone Subscription Plans

Posted by Natasha Grach on Apr 11, 2017

The U.S. and Mexico have cultivated a dynamic business environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and mutual prosperity for small businesses with partners, employees, and customers across the border. Part of the competitive advantage for both U.S. and Mexican entrepreneurs is the geographical proximity; however, there are also challenges related to cross-border product shipment, delivery, payment, and knowing the key legislation related to taxes, customs, etc. Entrepreneurs with cross-border ties must be able to have effective international communication, and when this comes to the smallest businesses with shoestring budgets, international calling costs (and cost-savings) can really matter.

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Topics: Communication, Company Announcements, Cloud Phone, Voxox Corporate